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Family Photography in Jacksonville, Florida

Explore the charm of Jacksonville, Florida, with our skilled photographers. Specializing in boutique portraits for families, high school seniors, schools, pets, and professional headshots. We connect generations with our passion.

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The Experience

Timeless Signature Art in Your Home

Our goal is to make the portrait process enjoyable. We are committed to capturing your family’s unique personalities.

We take pride in creating art that inspires love and admiration and is meant to adorn your walls for generations. We strive for you always to remember your family. Each stage of their lives is preserved in timeless artwork that never loses charm.

We pour our passion into crafting a beautiful keepsake for you to cherish. Choose from classic framed art or unframed. Custom frames are an option. We offer heirloom albums that your family will cherish for generations to come. 

jacksonville fl family photography russ bratcher


Blown away by the way Russ photographed our family. He has a calm and collected approach that makes us comfortable. The way he was able to capture the personality of each family member is truly a work of art. Getting pictures of the grandparents laughing and making memories with us is priceless. It’s hard to pick favorites because there are so many great photos. We will treasure these forever!

Andrew Eucker Headshot

Casey Mitten

Jacksonville, FL

I’m one of those people who HATE having their photo taken. However, needs must, and it was well past time for some updated professional headshots. Russ made the whole process enjoyable, and the resulting photos are stellar! I wish I could give him a 10-star rating! I highly recommend him. His prices for professional photography are very reasonable too. You won’t be disappointed!

Andrew Eucker Headshot

Linda Abate

Georgetown, SC

Our experience with Russ was great and very professional. My two kids and I had a great time with our photo session. He even added some music to get the kids moving, adding great action shots. It felt like being in a magazine session. This helped me with my professional social media accounts, too! I would highly recommend him for any occasion! Thank you, Russ, for capturing a memorable moment.

Andrew Eucker Headshot

Andrew Eucker

Jacksonville, FL
Russ Bratcher

About Russ Bratcher, Professional Photographer

My interest in photography and fine art first came into frame amidst the enchanting backdrop of the Lowcountry in Georgetown, South Carolina.

After high school, I served the country in the United States Air Force as an Aircraft Metals Technologist stationed at the prestigious RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom. Soon after I departed from the Air Force, I found fulfillment in teaching and guiding the artistic talents of students along the captivating coastline of South Carolina for nearly ten years.

Russ Bratcher Photography has opened shop in Jacksonville, Florida. I help people capture moments with the people they love. I offer on-location shoots and studio sessions.

I look forward to connecting generations and serving clients by curating framed artwork in their homes.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

I'm busy! When should I schedule?

Scheduling a family photo session can be flexible. It depends on your preferences, but any season can be a good time for family photography. We can discuss the best timing based on your family’s availability and the look you want for your photos. We offer studio and on-location services. 

Should I wait for my kid's big kid teeth or hairstyle to grow?

Don’t worry! Children often go through different phases, sometimes losing teeth or changing hairstyles. These are all part of the beautiful journey of family life. Capturing these moments can be just as unique as waiting for perfection, and it creates a genuine representation of your family’s growth.

What type of prints will look good in my home?

During our consultation, we can discuss your home’s aesthetics and interior design preferences. This discovery will help us plan the photo session to create images that showcase your family and harmonize with your home decor. Whether you prefer vibrant outdoor scenes or cozy indoor settings, we can tailor the session to your tastes. With my background in art and custom-framing I will help you find just what you want. 

How will you get everyone to cooperate?

It’s completely normal to have concerns about family members cooperating during a photo session. I am experienced in working with classrooms and families of all sizes and dynamics. My approach is relaxed and fun, designed to put everyone at ease. We’ll capture genuine moments and interactions, often when everyone is comfortable and enjoying the experience. You’d be surprised at how well it turns out! We even have seen grumpy grandpas light up with joy!

Jacksonville, Florida family photography of mother and son embracing

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