Pooch Playoffs

2024 Pooch Playoffs, Dog Contest

Jacksonville, Florida

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About the Dog Photo Contest

Pooch Playoffs is a delightful pet photo contest featuring 32 adorable dogs. This exciting competition will donate its proceeds to the local Jacksonville, FL, cancer charity V for Victory.

Community Goals

The primary goal is to create photos of your pet, all while contributing to the welfare of those in our community affected by cancer.

Photo Session & Online Voting

The photo sessions will be on February 17 or 18, 2024. Each dog and dog parent will have a 30-minute private session with Russ Bratcher and his team. No other dogs are present from the public.

Online voting will open on March 4, 2024, at 9 AM.

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First Place Prizes

One top dog receives the following:

  • Barkit Box ($50 value) from Bark on Park
  • One annual year membership ($445 value) + 1 night boarding credit ($65 value) + 1 daycare credit ($39 value) + $50 gift card from Kanine Social
  • $50 Gift Card from V Pizza, Mandarin
  • 6 mini Pupcakes + 2 free 6-box Cupcakes (value $57) from Small Cakes
  • $100 Gift Card to Julington Creek Animal Walk 
  • All dog parents will be sent a complementary 8×10 print ($85 value) from Russ Bratcher Photography

Over $1000 in prizes!


How To Participate

Book Your Session

We aim to discover the most adorable dogs in Jacksonville, FL. Once you book, $99 of your $125 session fee will go directly to the charity V for Victory. All participants will receive dog s-wag bag + mini Pupcake from Small Cakes.

Each dog and dog parent will have a 30-minute private session with Russ Bratcher and his team. No other dogs are present.

Online Voting

Your pet will be entered into a bracket-style competition. Each week, your dog will be paired with another dog, competing for the title of Ulti-Mutt Cutie through online votes.

Online voting opens on Monday, March 4, 2024 at 9 AM

Sharing the voting page with all your family and friends is essential.

Winner Announced

The top dog winner will be awarded prizes from local businesses. Your dog’s victory at the local Jacksonville, FL, level opens the door for them to compete nationally in an exciting competition.

Over $1000 in prizes for the top dog!


2024 Contest Charity

V for Victory Logo
family photo

Family image from V for Victory Foundation website. 

V for Victory began in 2017 after a local business owner’s son was diagnosed with cancer. A cancer diagnosis shakes a family to it’s core, the family is faced with unthinkable uncertainties and challenges and yet the outside world, and every day responsibilities continue to move forward.

This Jacksonville business (V Pizza) owner saw firsthand how deeply the entire family is impacted when a loved one is battling cancer and how overwhelming it can be to focus on something as simple as lawn service or cooking a meal. Using his background in business, he developed a unique model of service delivery. A non-profit dedicated to activating local businesses and individuals in support of families in their community. This life-changing event forged an unbreakable bond between V for Victory and V Pizza, and has made a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of families battling cancer.

As V Pizza continues to grow and expand into new communities, so does our reach, and V for Victory’s ability to serve and provide assistance to families battling cancer.

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