Russ Bratcher

Russ Bratcher

The Short

My interest in photography and fine art first came into frame amidst the enchanting backdrop of the Lowcountry in Georgetown, South Carolina.

After high school, I served the country in the United States Air Force as an Aircraft Metals Technologist stationed at the prestigious RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom. Soon after I departed from the Air Force, I found fulfillment in teaching and guiding the artistic talents of students along the captivating coastline of South Carolina for nearly ten years.

Russ Bratcher Photography has opened shop in Jacksonville, Florida. I help people capture moments with the people they love. I offer on-location shoots and studio sessions.

I look forward to connecting generations and serving clients by curating framed artwork in their homes.

The Long

My love affair with photography and fine art began against the sleepy backdrop of the Lowcountry, right in my hometown of Georgetown, SC.

Under the tutelage of Bruce Chandler, I honed my watercolor skills from a young age. As an adult, I found great joy in traveling and painting a series that pays homage to the African American musicians of the South — a project close to my heart.

After graduating high school, I ventured into the United States Air Force, serving as an Aircraft Metals Technologist stationed at the esteemed RAF Mildenhall in United Kingdom. Even during my military service, my passion for art continued and I collaborated with many British nationals, dependents, and Airmen to aid my artistic eye in many projects. I ended my service in the Air Force and left with an achievement medal for serving the community with art.

For nearly ten years, I found fulfillment in guiding art students along South Carolina’s captivating coastline. My journey didn’t stop there. Today, you’ll find me in Jacksonville, Florida, where Russ Bratcher Photography has set up shop. Here, I specialize in capturing portraits and creating luxe framed artwork for homes. If it is worth remembering, it is worth framing.

My artistic pursuits extend beyond the lens. I’ve embraced the digital era, painting alongside a vibrant online community for Veterans through the Patriot Art Foundation, under the mentorship of the renowned Mary Whyte. I also support the Rice Museum in many areas of service through memberships, marketing, and art gallery curation.

With every click of the camera and stroke of the brush, I’m curating stories worth sharing.

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